As most of you should be aware there is some major conflict going on right now in the Caucasus region between Russia and Georgia which has affected the United States greatly. The picture above is a recent scene from the withdrawing Russian army. However while withdrawing they have not forgotten to take some American Humvees and Georgian soldiers as souvenirs. Now what does a country that claims to be able to wrestle with the military might of the United States want from a few armored hummers, and if they really were stealing some american military equipment, why are they parading it around the streets infront of the press: the tied and blindfolded Georgian soldiers are just the finishing touch to this convoy. Let us see through this clearly visible plot by Russia to challange the United States and try to enter back into the position of a superpower. Did anyone really believe that the press uncovored a secret pillaging by the Russians? This is clearly a ploy that has been going on for the past few years now. 

       If any of you remember from a year ago (beginning of September 2007) Russia tested its "Dad-of-All Bombs," a bomb that had a blast yield of over four times than that of the U.S.'s Mother of all Bombs. (Great Fox News Article on this) This is now the most explosive, non-nuclear, air-delivered bomb the World public knows about. As the article points out, this was just another attempt to bring Russia back into it position of global power. It looks like the Russian government is missing its glory days; they have even been accused of letting their democracy and basic understandings of humans rigts start to slip. This upcoming event, which I foresaw in 2007, is now knocking on the door. As is clear from the Georgian conflict, Russia seems to be on its way to claiming more global power.

        Keeping this master plan in perspective, the next moves by the west should be careful sanctions and actions that are meant to simply anger the Russians and make them look like an over lusty child that is yearning for power, and also to force them to make a mistake that would turn world opinion against the so called "innocent actions" of the Russian governement. An animal that is trapped will spring and bite, but it might bite the wrong thing or with the wrong amount of force: this would be very adventageous for anyone who is looking to prevent some of the atrocities of the past from happening again. I am not against Russia gaining power, but I am against them gaining this power before their mistakes and the collapse of the Soviet Union can be truly analized by History.

Post Script Notes:

 - I do not mean to offend any people of Russian background or unfairly alieante them from the rest of the world. This is just my views on the current Russian governments actions and not the country or its people.

- I hope my writing style did not utterly confuse you. I prefer to write as if a conversation was going on, while adding random facts. However I decided not to immediately overwhelm readers with this. I will slowly transition into this writing style that I have chosen.

- And lastly: Take everything I say with a grain of salt, do your own research and bring me your questions/corrections on my facts. Make me do my homework :D

Hope you got your daily dose of a different look to known topic and until my next blog keep your minds open.

                                                                by Emir KMO




    My name is Emir, I am a 16 year old male that lives in the North-eastern United States, However my homeland is Turkey and I have moved into the United states as a child. I hope you enjoy the read and ponder it everytime.


    August 2008



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