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A Short Introduction...

Welcome to The World in Perspective where I - a not so ordinary 16 year old- share my perspective on current events, phenomenons, situations, and much more! And where you discuss these events from your very own points-of-view in our community forums. This is a blog, a work in progress, and a place to reconsider what you hear and believe in or - a place to enforce it. For more about me, refer to the soon to come bio section. Thank you in advance for thoughtfully reading my blog.

Finding your way around

       Please click on " The Meat " to get started on seeing things a little differently (To read the blog). The bio button should be self-explanatory; it's a short biography of the person who writes this blog. And finally clicking on the Forums will bring you to the community discussion area of your dreams. You are free to delve deep into intellectual discussion or loll around talking about your favorite football teams sunday night dismay. Some of these content will be available shortly after the blog gets an initial start. To all this I have to add 1 last note: expect new surprises to pop up if the reading becomes popular. ( So tell your friends!)


Contact me at: or search for Emir KMO at Facebook and add a line about " The World in Perspective"


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